• All our bed bases and mattresses are from Factory Direct Beds.
  • We supply our clients with the very best quality beds direct from the factory, at competitive prices. The key to choosing a bed for your establishment is longevity.
  • All the beds are manufactured locally. We support local businesses.
  • All different shapes and sizes are available, from round to bunk beds to standard; there is a wide variety to choose from.


Mattress Protectors

  • We provide mattress protectors and pillow protectors so that your duvet inners and pillow inners can remain hygienic and stain free.


Mattress converters

  • Mattress converters are a very good idea if you are wanting effortless versatility in your guests’ rooms.
  • It allows two single beds to be converted into a king size bed, so you can change the bed accordingly for your clients’ usage.



  • Thread counts varying from 144 – 300 in Polycotton sheeting and 100% Cotton Percale.
  • We supply a wide range of linen, from the fitted sheets, flat sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases.
  • We offer base covers as well in a gorgeous faux suede texture, for that clean, upmarket look.
  • Our duvet inners, as well as our pillow inners come in both fibre variations as well as duck feather down.


Blankets and Throws

  • Hospitality blankets come in various styles and sizes, like Belfiore Finesse as well as felted.
  • Throws come in 100% Microfibre acrylic, cotton and chenille as well as many other fibres and textures that we can source.



  • We supply our clients with standard as well as customised sized headboards in various timbers as well as in any fabric of your choice. We can replicate any design you desire.


Scatter Cushions

  • A scatter cushion can really tie in the whole design scheme of a room, we can custom make scatter cushions in any fabric you desire as well as various sizes.


Anti-theft hangers

  • We provide hangers that are anti-theft for both female and male hangers in various timbers and metals


Interior decorating

  • When planning to re-design or decorate your establishment, expert advice is a must. We will have plans drawn up and three dimensional drawings created to give you a better idea of what the final product will look like if that is what you are interested in.
  • If you are wanting a mood board put together of the products and colour schemes we are putting together, we can do that digitally for you.


Soft Furnishings

  • We offer the service of sourcing or custom making scatter cushions, curtains and re-upholstering old furniture.
  • Whatever décor look or style you may be aiming for, we can assist you to achieve your vision.


Pedestals and dressing tables

  • Pedestals, dressing tables and other solid furniture come in all shapes and sizes, we can supply modern, French or any other style you desire.
  • Choose the timber you would prefer as well as the stain that would suit the room best.



  • We use our upholsterers to either refurbish or create brand new furniture to your specifications.
  • We pride ourselves in using affordable yet beautiful fabrics as well as good quality foam.


Built in cupboards

  • A great way to unify and neaten up a room is to make use of built in cupboards. You can choose between the different textures and stains that are available and we can come up with the design and drawings for you to decide on.


Luggage racks and beverage trays

  • We can supply various styled luggage racks and beverage trays in assorted colours.


Products & Services